Park Street House

Robert Simeoni

This house notes the scale of its neighbour (a familiar kind of urban scale building driven by the site itself and planning criteria), inherits this for the purposes of proportion and then modulates it gradually as the building elevation wraps the corners of the (small) site. It is a bookend. The land’s awkward shape and size dictated the narrow form. It has parkland views and sunlight to the north and so it opens itself to this aspect with a double-height glass window and void screened by full height curtains.

Each material is detailed to be seen for what it is and furthermore to encourage examination. At critical moments the nature of construction techniques are revealed so that for example, the precision of well-laid concrete or welded steel can be admired. This is motivated by a deep personal respect for building and craft that utilises the skills of the building site and invites them into a design process that accepts late developments and responds to the building-in-progress as a full-scale design study. In doing so it is influenced by a long tradition of architects who pursued a unified design/construction process allowing the skill of the tradesman to influence architectural outcome.